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KORAIL PASS is a rail pass for foreign visitors.
Explore and discover Korea by trains KORAIL operates in economical way.

  1. * SRT, metro, DMZ train, temporary tourist trains are not included.

Who Can Purchase

Foreigners visiting Korea
* Korean nationality is not allowed to use

General Procedure

  1. *Please be precise when you choose your ‘first date of travel with KORAIL PASS’.

Types and Prices of KORAIL PASS

[unit: KRW]

2 day select pass 131,000 105,000 66,000 121,000 Consecutive pass?
from the first date of commencement,
it is valid for 3 or 5 days in-a-row

Flexible/select pass?
from the first date of commencement,
choose 2 or 4 days within 10 days
3 consecutive day pass 165,000 132,000 83,000 155,000
4 day select pass 234,000 187,000 117,000 224,000
5 consecutive day pass 244,000 195,000 122,000 234,000
  • Adult Pass: age from 28
  • Youth Pass: age from 13 to 27
  • Child Pass: age between 6 to 12
     + Children under 6: free of charge when fare-paying guardian(age over 13) accompanies (one child per one guardian allowed)
  • Saver Pass: pass for 2 to 5 passengers as a group with same travel date, time and itinerary

How to purchase

  • Enter precise information in accordance with valid passport during purchase
     (KORAIL PASS must be solely used by the person whose name is on the pass)
  • * Changing the personal information or pass type is not possible after purchase. Only the ‘first date of travel with KORAIL PASS’ can be changed(1 time only) before it starts.

  • KORAIL website(Reservation), Appointed travel agency, KORAIL travel centers
     * KORAIL travel centers : Seoul, Yongsan, Busan etc.

How to use

  • Check purchase list
    : after purchase go to ‘My Reservation’ → Inquire → click ‘Detail’ button
  • Print the pass
    : after purchase go to ‘My Reservation’ → ‘Detail’ → click ‘Reissue’ button
    ※ Printed-out KORAIL PASS and valid passport must be possessed to make a seat reservation at stations.
  • How to book a reserved seat
    1. Visit the Korail Homepage.
    2. Insert KORAIL PASS NUMBER(or E-mail address) in the section then select "Inquiry".
    ※ For customer who have purchased the type "KORAIL PASS FX" ※
    - If you purchased the type 'KORAIL PASS FX' you must choose the desired date to choose the seats.
    - Select your chosen ticket from Reservation Information then select "Details". - Select Add from Date of Travel to then select the desired date. Afterward, return to LIST. 3. Select the ticket you've purchased at Reservation Information then select "Seat Reservation". 4. After all the information is filled out, select " Inquiry". 5. From Economy Class, choose your desired seat.
    ※ For First Class you need to pay a fee ※ 6. Select Next then from the next page, either select Print or Usage History to check the seats. Afterward press Reissue. ※ For those who did not choose your seats online, you can designate a seat at the TRAVEL CENTER of the Station.
  • 2 day / 4 day select pass
    : after purchase go to ‘My Reservation’ → ‘Detail’ → select ‘date of travel’ or visit train station to assign travel date for valid use
    ※ ‘Date of travel’ must be chosen within 10 days starting from a commencement.
  • Refund (before the ‘first date of travel with KORAIL PASS’)
    : ‘My Reservation’ → ‘Detail’ → click ‘Refund’
    ※ It is possible to return and get refund from where you have purchased.
    (If you purchased the pass at travel agency or train station, online refund is not possible)
    ※ Reserved seat ticket must be returned first to proceed pass refund.
  • Seat ticket (check, print or refund)
    : ‘My Reservation’ → click ‘Usage History’ → click ‘Print’/‘Refund’
    ※ Will-not-be-used ticket must be returned before its departure time.

Refund fee

  • Return on (Korean Time Standard) does not bill the cancellation fee
     (one day before the first date of travel), No refund : from the first date of travel.
     *Reserved seat tickets must be returned to cancel and return the pass.

Things to REMEMBER

  • Korail pass must be solely used by person whose name is written on it. Selling nor lending third party is unlawful use which fine will be imposed.
  • Valid KORAIL PASS(printed-out), passport and seat ticket(if you made a seat reservation) must be possessd.
    (In case of a mobile purchase using "Trip.com" App, KORAIL PASS is valid only if you show the PASS through the "Trip.com" App.)
    * Captured tickets are INVALID
  • When train tickets sold out, you can board train with standing ticket or as a standee with KORAIL PASS and valid passport.
  • In order to purchase KORAIL PASS, valid passport and credit card are needed
  • For 2 days / 4 days select pass, passengers must select ‘date of travel’ within 10 days starting from a commencement(the first date of travel with KORAIL PASS).If you get on train as a standee without this procedure, please inform crew on train.
  • No compensation for train delays or cancellations
  • Price of KORAIL PASS is calculated in Korean Won terms
  • In case of unlawful use which goes against the valid use, a regular fare plus 10 to 30 times of fine will be imposed.

Contact: Railway CS center (+82-1599-7777) 08:00~22:00 KST